Securing Public Computer

Securing Public Computer

Posted on Monday March 09, 2020 at 01:18PM

To further secure your public computers and to address FOIP concerns

NLLS will be accessing your browsers including:
  • Firefox,
  • Microsoft Edge and
  • Internet Explorer
PLEASE NOTE: NLLS does not support Chrome on the public computes as this product is meant for personal browsing and use. Therefore, we will not be making changes to this browser. NLLS encourages the Library managers to place a posted notice that Chrome is not secure in a public setting.

We are adding the Script to protect the computers user from leaving sensitive data in the:
  • Trash
  • desktop
  • documents
  • music
  • pictures
  • downloads
The script is activated after restart of the computer. Upon restart, there is no information that can be restored, or recovered, this is a complete removal from the computer. Library Managers or staff will need to verify the computers are clean from information such as folders, as patrons will sometimes create these. If your patron needs to save please, insist that they have a usb key handy for their saving needs.

Finally, NLLS is also removing the ability to create or login to your own Microsoft account on the public computers.

The NLLS IT staff that has initiated this helpdesk will be responsible for the changes on these computers to avoid inconsistency. Please contact the initiator of the helpdesk ticket for further clarification.

Author: NLLS Managers


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